Audition for the 2017 – 2018 season:

We will hold an open audition on Tuesday, September 5th from 4:15 – 5:00p.m. at Holy Cross for any children entering grades 1- 8.
Please email or call Amy Younts for more information:, 847-217-3037

In Red Rose Children’s Choir, singers don’t just sing—they grow. They grow to love singing more than ever. They grow to feel comfortable sharing their talents, which helps their young voices—and their self-esteem—flourish. And they grow socially, meeting singers from neighboring communities and forming friendships that last for years.
But that’s just the beginning. Red Rose Children’s Choir offers training that is second to none. In a group setting, children receive vocal instruction and learn to read music, nurturing their love for and understanding of this art form. Through a varied repertoire, singers are introduced to different musical styles, cultures and languages.  Older choir members have opportunities for solo performances and international tours, and to work as leaders for the younger singers. In so many ways, Red Rose Children’s Choir offers a chance for young singers to bloom.

How do I know if my child is ready? Perhaps the most important question for you to consider is: Does my child love to sing? Experience has shown that motivated students naturally excel and succeed in the RRCCLC. We invite you to bring your child to one of our concerts so they can see for themselves what fun it is to sing in the RRCCLC.

The ability to sing in tune develops at a time that is unique to each young child. Like learning to play a sport, it is a skill each child masters step by step. We only accept children who are able to match pitches accurately. For a child not yet able to match pitches accurately, choir would be a difficult experience for them, and they might not enjoy it. However, we will invite them to return for an audition the following year. In many cases, we’ve seen children who have not been quite ready to sing in a choir have waited and auditioned successfully a year later.

The Red Rose Children’s Choir is interested in auditioning any child who loves to sing!  Our friendly group audition process involves the director warming up a small group of auditioning singers in a circle, and teaching them a short piece. The Artistic Director will ask each singer to participate in some pitch matching and range identifying activities. There will be some movement to encourage relaxed singing, and time for each singer to share information about their interest in singing. They will also be able to ask any questions they may have about choir.

Singers will also sing a round, in groups of two or more, to determine independent singing. No prepared audition piece is required. If your singer is in 8th grade or older, they will be asked to sight-sing a piece, and sing a prepared piece of their choice, preferably a classical or folk song. Students are placed in the choir level that matches their ability and age group.

The Executive Director will be at the auditions to greet you and answer questions you may have concerning rehearsals, performances, attire, tuition etc.   We do ask that parents remain in the lobby while their child is auditioning.

It is the intention of the directors to make auditions a positive experience and to help each child feel at ease.  Our goal is to make this musical experience possible for any child who is interested and ready to sing.  Letters are sent to the parents the week after the auditions.

Please fill out an Audition Information form; when completing the form, please provide the email address you use most often. Pay the $20.00 non refundable audition fee. You may pay with a credit card by using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page and your audition will be scheduled immediately.  If you pay by sending a check to our address ( PO Box 7712, Libertyville, IL  60048) your audition will be scheduled once the check has cleared.

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Contact Amy Younts for additional information. You can download an Audition form here (32 KB PDF).

Amy Younts, Executive Director
847-217-3037 or e-mail her with any questions-