Dear Mrs. Augsburger,
I just got back from a month of studying away in Bolivia and Peru and I wanted to share a particularly powerful moment from my journey with you, Mrs. Negus, and whoever you want to share it with. For a few days this month, I stayed near an indigenous village just off the Beni River in Madiddi national park in the Amazon River basin. The people who hosted us were incredibly kind and hospitable, and despite having so little, they made us really feel at home in the rainforest. The night before we left, they sang us a song of farewell at a party for us. The next day, I felt moved to sing them the Irish Blessing that we sang at the end of every concert. Once our Tour guide translated the lyrics back to them, she told me that it was a really powerful and meaningful blessing for them. Last year, they lost a lot of their village to huge flooding, and my blessing soft rain, mild weather and to be held in God’s hand was incredibly important to them. Thank you both so much for making music such an important part of my life and letting me share that with these people on the other side of the world. It was one of the most powerful moments in my life and I would never have experienced it without everything you’ve done in my life and every Red Roser’s life. Thank you, you are both such a blessing in our lives.
Nick Hester