Parent Advisory Board

Hello, and welcome to the Parent Board page!

I’d like to thank our wonderful Parent Advisory Board for their love and support of our dedicated singers, our founder’s mission, and our staff’s needs! All of these efforts help keep Red Rose Children’s Choir and The Lake County Boys Choir operating so efficiently and successfully (as it has for over 20 years now!).

We celebrated our 20th anniversary year in 2017, and we couldn’t do it without our Parent Advisory Board and Parent Volunteers. I’d like to highlight a statement from our 20th anniversary concert program:

“The singers of this choir become life-long friends, not only because Red Rose attracts such a compassionate and talented group, but because there is no judging at rehearsal, the singers work hard and play hard, they support, they deliver, and they succeed. And these things happen because the directors empower the singers to do so – they practice what they preach. The support and kindness that emanates from the entire staff is amazing! Belonging to Red Rose does great things for the soul; it brings self-confidence, charisma, companionship, leadership skills, and increased vocal quality.”

The relationships and experiences mentioned above, magnetize our parents to being a part of this organization as well! Parents may assist the choir in many different ways, depending on their availability, skills, and past experience.

The main purpose of the board is to be the link between staff and parents and to organize parent volunteers to make the choir run smoothly and let staff and singers focus on creating beautiful music. The formal board positions include president and liaisons for each choir.

An example of parent assistance needed throughout the year include:

  • Dress/shirt fittings – each specific choir should have 2
  • Attire Parents – each specific choir, and may be different for each dress rehearsal and concert
  • Assisting at dress rehearsals – checking singers in etc.
  • Assisting at holiday or event parties – each specific choir, possibly bring a dish to pass or help setup
  • Website Editor  – update the website with concert & event information, music and CD’s available for sale. (We can always use parents help with adding copy/pictures to our new website)
  • Fundraising – locating restaurants that participate in a “dine and share” (example is Panera, Culvers, Portillo’s), running our Gift Card Program, flowers/cookies & snack sales and distribution at concerts

Please contact your choir’s liaison if you have any questions or fill out the parent volunteer form if you would like to get involved. We are all looking forward to working with you!

Kelly Goodman, Parent Advisory Board President

Parent Board Members


Kelly Goodman

Parent Liaisons

Prelude Choir – Maribeth Bettarelli

Concert Choir – Lisa Rouff and Kerry Nowicki

Master Singers – Karen McLean, Holly Bosier and Naomi Bieda

Bella Rosa –  Barb Boes, Kathy Faber and Elisabeth Hubbard

Boys Choir – Aviva Mastandrea


Elisabeth Hubbard

Parent Advisory Board Meetings

The Parent Advisory Board meets with staff 5-6 times a year. The meetings are open to all choir parents and announced on the choir calendar on the member-only page.