Concert Choir

CONCERT CHOIR (Grades 4-6)
WEDNESDAYS 5:30 – 6:45 P.M.

Concert Choir is a training choir for singers beginning in fourth grade and continueing until they are performance ready to be a part of our main performing group. Occasionally, a third grader who has experience will be placed in Concert Choir. Singers are auditioned and accepted if they:

  • have a strong desire to sing
  • can match pitch and rhythmic patterns
  • demonstrate the ability to focus in a group setting
  • demonstrates teachability in the development of tone quality

Concert Choir Curriculum

Concert Choir singers will continue to work on:

  • posture for singing
  • breathing techniques
  • solfege singing
  • part singing – developing vocal independence through the singing of rounds and canons, 2 part and 3 part singing
  • performance practice, with two to three formal concerts, informal sharing in the class setting, and an occasional performance in the community. Every other year, an effort will be made to provide a sharing experience with another children’s choir in an informal festival experience
  • choral score reading in two and three parts
  • music theory integrated into the repertoire study, including rhythm and meter, melodic directions and intervals, dynamics, phrasing expression of text
  • developing healthy and appropriate tone color for various styles of choral singing

Concert Choir is a training choir focusing on preparing young artists for their integration into our main performance choir. Movement and creative, playful learning will continue to be a part of rehearsals according to the developmental needs of the singers. In addition to working on tone and blend with the choir, singers will be encouraged to sing short phrases individually in a group setting. This will provide the opportunity for singers to have short “voice lesson” moments within the comfort zone of an encouraging group.

Concert Choir Repertoire

The repertoire for this choir comes from:

  • folk songs from many different countries sung in the original language
  • classical pieces in 2 and 3 part choral arrangements, both sacred and secular
  • rounds and canons
  • newly composed music for young singers pitched in the correct range
  • gospel, jazz, and an occaional musical theater piece
Concert Choir Rehearsal
Concert Choir Rehearsal, 2017