Choir Curriculum

  • a healthy use of the voice as a musical instrument
  • improved reading and listening skills
  • increased self-esteem and self-discipline
  • a sense of community and teamwork
  • an appreciation of the musical arts

Rehearsal Content

Rehearsals include an initial period of warming up the bodies and voices for singing followed by the singing of repertoire. Instruction for proper vocal training are stressed throughout. Every child is encouraged and assisted in developing his/her singing ability to its fullest extent. In addition, the child will grow in basic musicianship. The music directors conduct rehearsals so that attention is given to the mechanics of music. Physical (vocal) and also cognitive skills are enhanced as students are led to observe, understand and execute the indications on the printed music.

While the conductors strive to prepare fine music with the utmost skill and precision, we also inspire joy and fun. We desire to have every child experience the exhilaration of lifting voices in song, the camaraderie of belonging to a committed group and the pride of working together in a positive environment to create something truly wonderful. Laughter is part of every rehearsal!


The repertoire of the Red Rose Children’s Choir is based on folk literature from various cultures and classical choral music. Songs are sung in the original language as often as possible. The choir performs sacred and secular music. On occasion, the choir will explore other musical styles such as avant-garde, jazz, and musical theater. All choirs will utilize movement during warm-ups and also specific repertoire when appropriate.