FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When does the choir season begin?

Rehearsals start the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day. Each choir rehearses once a week. During the week of a performance, there are always two mandatory rehearsals.

What type of music will my child be learning?

The repertoire of the choir is based on American folk literature, European classics and poetry. The choir also performs sacred, patriotic and traditional holiday pieces. Many songs are sung in different languages and occasionally the choir explores styles such as avant-garde, jazz and musical theater.

Is my child automatically accepted into the choir for the next season?

Each spring the music directors evaluate each singer to listen to how they improved over the season and to decide if they are ready for the next level of choir. If there are problems or issues, the director would notify you before the end of the season.

When can my child tour?

Singers are eligible to tour after they have finished the 6th grade and have completed one year in Master Singers. All tour applicants must be interviewed by the directors.

Is the choir affiliated with a religious organization?

RRCCLC is a nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with any other organizations. We rent rehearsal space at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Libertyville and often use churches for our concerts and recordings.

What can I expect my child to gain from being a member of RRCCLC?

Your child will share their passion for singing with other children who love music. The choir is designed to achieve the following qualities in each singerโ€™s development as a choir member: a healthy use of voice as a musical instrument; improved reading and listening skills; increased self-esteem and self discipline; a sense of community and teamwork; and an appreciation for the musical arts.

How do I know if my child is ready to sing with the Red Rose Choir?

Perhaps the most important question for you to consider is: Does my child love to sing? Experience has shown that motivated students naturally excel and succeed in the Red Rose Children’s Choir. We invite you to bring your child to one of our concerts so they can see for themselves what fun it is to sing in the choir.