Prelude Choir

PRELUDE CHOIR (Grades 2-3)
WEDNESDAYS 4:15 – 5:30 P.M.

Prelude Choir is the beginning choral experience for young singers who are ages seven through nine years old. Singers are auditioned and accepted if they:

  • have a strong desire to sing
  • demonstrate direction in pitch matching
  • demonstrate the ability to focus in a group setting

Prelude Choir Curriculum

Prelude Choir singers will learn:

  • posture for singing
  • breathing technique
  • beginning solfege
  • beginning part singing through the singing of rounds, songs with ostinati (repeated melodic patterns), and simple partner songs
  • performance practice including two or three choral concerts and informal sharing in the class setting
  • basic reading of a choral score including unison and 2 part music
  • music theory integrated into the repertoire study, including rhythm and meter, melodic direction, dynamics, phrasing and expression of text
  • how to find their “head voice”

This choir will have a strong music and movement component to address the needs of the young artists. Orff instruments and small percussion instruments will be a part of the method to teach the curriculum. Singers will be encouraged to sing individually short phrases in rehearsal. This will allow the singer to gain confidence in their singing and help them to hear themselves, with staff and fellow choir members encouraging them.

Prelude Choir Repertoire

The repertoire for this choir comes from:

  • folk songs from many different countries – sometimes sung in the original language
  • classical unison pieces, both sacred and secular
  • rounds and canons
  • newly composed music for young singers pitched in the correct range
  • an occaional jazz or musical theater piece
Prelude Choir rehearsal 2017
Prelude Choir rehearsal 2017