…an unusual maturity of sound…

“The Red Rose Children’s Choir is one of the leading children’s choirs of America. Having worked with this choir many times, I have found them to be very musical, engaging, moving and artistic. They sing with an unusual maturity of sound. Their energy and enthusiasm for music making is very contagious.”
– Dr. Henry H. Leck, Associate Professor of Choral Music, Director of Choral Activities, Butler University, Founder and Artistic Director of Indianapolis Children’s Choir

…positive and uplifting energy…

“The Red Rose Children’s Choir is one of the most vibrant choral organizations in Illinois! There is a positive and uplifting energy with this group that is incredibly exciting. Sharon and Jacquelyn’s masterful teaching and impeccable musicianship make Red Rose an unmatchable educational experience for young singers, and more importantly….. young people! The sense of community and common purpose that Red Rose creates is truly inspiring. If you want your child to grow artistically through musical performance, join Red Rose!”
– Dr. Ryan T. Nelson, Northwestern University

What singers, alumni and parents say about Red Rose Children’s Choir …

“Thank you for nurturing and inspiring Grace’s musical gifts.
I feel very blessed that Grace is involved with you and RRC.
Something very beautiful happened last night.
After being out of town and not practicing Piano and Singing for 2.5 weeks, Grace sat down and played and sang a magical rendition of Away in the Manger…noone has ever taught her or asked her to sing and play at the same time.
Her breath management, range, pitch, diction, and rhythm all touched my heart.
I was so touched I ran and got my phone and recorded it. 
Thank you so much.”
Bob Fortune – RRCCLC Parent
“Thank you once again for a lovely concert, with wonderful and diverse music – and with so many young voices singing their hearts out. I know the work and loving care put into these concerts, and I continue to be so grateful to you all for providing this opportunity for Laurie and the other singers.”
Jane Niederbrach – RRCCLC Alumnae parent
“Our time with Red Rose Children’s Choir is some of the best of our lives and one of the best decisions we made as parents. Congratulations and thank you for bringing 20 years of beautiful music, wonderful memories and lifetime friendships to so many children and their families.”    
Betsy Popovich – Past Board President
“From week to week, Red Rose Children’s Choir allows an opportunity for singers to come together and share their love of music. With this love of music, comes a second family. The Red Rose family creates friendships and bonds that last years, even lifetimes. As alumni, we are scattered across the country. Red Rose will always bring us back together. 
Through my years as a singer and now as an intern, I carry the lessons given by Mrs. Augsburger and Mrs. Negus with me. One specific example that stands out is the infamous “struggle is good”. Somehow, these incredible women have made “struggle” very rewarding. These lessons and guidance led me to continue my career path in music for performance and music education.
There is no amount of gratitude I can give to show my thanks for Red Rose Children’s Choir of Lake County.”
Thank you for the countless melodies, memories, and love,”
Samantha Thielen – RRCCLC alum and present student intern
Mrs. Negus winking at you is one of the two best things in the world. The other is Mrs. Augsburger putting her hand over her heart and looking up toward the heavens. One means you’ve just made a transcendent sound, the kind only achieved in those rare moments of choral perfection when the notes ring out across the auditorium to tickle the hearts and tear ducts of the families and friends gathered to hear you sing. The other means you messed up – or you almost did. (Red Rosers know which is which.) I left Red Rose seven years ago, but every time I look back I can feel the warmth and power of those two women. They are the ultimate duo, reaching into the tangled web of adolescence and pulling out compassion, responsibility, and community. I’m still learning all the things they taught me, but one thing I return to is that working together is always worth it. That’s what the best choirs do: the members support each other, caressing one another’s voices and lifting them up. That’s what makes Red Rose the best. That and all the amazing people who make Red Rose happen off stage! Here’s to 20 years of love, support, and celestial music. Thank you for all you’ve given us.”
 Amelia Brackett – RRCCLC alum
“I love RRCLC because for one, the directors. They are so kind, friendly, and helpful, and they’ve taught me so much about singing. How to open my mouth, how to breathe, and os on. I also lie Red Rose Children’s Choir because I get to see all of my friends and we get to sing together. I love being a third in RRCCLC.”
Chloe Langford – Concert Choir
“Congratulations to Red Rose Children’s Choir on celebrating 20 years of music making. This choir was one of my first steps into pursuing a career in opera. I actually remember my audition day when I was eight years old and how nervous I was. I grew up with Red Rose and I made life long friends along with expanding my musical knowledge. Even now, almost 10 years since I have graduated I can remember almost all the words to every song we sang. I cherish the memories I have made with this group and will for the rest of my life. Thank you Red Rose for shaping me into the woman I am today.”
Daina Fischer – RRCCLC Alum